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Am I Round? [entries|friends|calendar]
d lans

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big up to yoself [04 Jun 2006|02:36am]
[ mood | chill ]

i say its right about time we start gizoogling shit all over again
aint nothin but a g thang

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license to be ill again [10 May 2006|11:23pm]
[ mood | out of my mind ]

so i was walking down the street and i saw this guy
and thats it
oh and its back

checkit fools!Collapse )

ps, still here thermopylae

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[07 May 2006|10:40pm]
to the bravest soldier at the battle of thermopylae,
even though you probably never did, do, or will read this, i would like to tell you one thing.
i was there. and i still am.
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[06 May 2006|02:14pm]
now im gonna have to find a whole new line of fortune cookie fortunes to put on the back of my phone...
or maybe i should just stop all together...
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mirror? [01 May 2006|08:43pm]
its just for fun!Collapse )
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in memoriam [01 May 2006|01:53am]
i forgot how good it feels to take a shapeless object and make it form something that has meaning with your bare hands
the scratches and cuts from jagged steal really add to the moment

its always nice to stand back and look at something that you made from your own mind
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no more cranking [29 Apr 2006|07:55pm]
i finally got new socks that actually fit
im very excited to be able to wear sneakers in the summer again

calc?... [26 Apr 2006|09:38pm]
on the interval being at school < X < sleeping
livejournalchecking'(x) > doinghomework'(x) for all x in the interval
and by the DCT, its even better when the entries are really old
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[23 Apr 2006|02:28pm]
im glad i wore these pants.
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yo remember that time we...? [19 Apr 2006|12:18am]
July 10th, 2005
Salamanca, Spain

First day done. Just got back at 1:36am, and I'm pretty tired. There's a damn fly in my tiny ass room, and I need to kill it. Now. Someone is up in the apartment, no idea who it is. They just walked into a room... I think. I will kill this fly. I'm alone, extra alone, and I just heard more walking around in the apartment... I have no idea who is sleeping in the other room. I still don't really know what the fuck I'm doing here, but I'll find out. Peace and love.
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sunny side [07 Apr 2006|02:03am]
hey man whats going on?

all powerful [05 Apr 2006|09:39pm]
the ultimate irony just raped me.

no wait, the ultimate irony, after raping me, then burned my house and pillaged my village.
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good times [29 Mar 2006|03:06pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

dude i almost forgot how hot the girl in this song sounds!
totally reminds me of sitting on michals couch and doing ridiculous amounts of drugs... or at least looking at the pictures of those times where it looks like we did ridiculous amounts of drugs

ay summer where are you?!

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life as we know it [26 Mar 2006|11:00pm]
koalamonkey says: word
pt Z at Z a1000: le sigh
pt Z at Z a1000: so whats up yo
koalamonkey says: nada
koalamonkey says: you?
pt Z at Z a1000: same
pt Z at Z a1000: kinda gotta pee
pt Z at Z a1000: too lazy
koalamonkey says: i know the feeling all too well
koalamonkey says: thats why i keep the bucket here
pt Z at Z a1000: dude, so true
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where have all the hardcore gangstas gone?! [21 Mar 2006|12:46am]
[ mood | excited ]

i have gone out every night for the past 4 nights
and its only monday night!
where are all the other second semester seniors?!
avi g and i demand that you all step up your game!
show those underclassmen what it means to be a p...i...m...p...

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berberesque-raï music forever [13 Mar 2006|07:18pm]
[ mood | hyped ]

the music i love the most is the music i understand the absolute least
if you listen to a song enough times over, you understand whats being said even if the words are complete nonsense to you

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a thought or two [20 Feb 2006|01:42am]
the best feeling in the world is when you are sitting, perhaps alone, at some desk and thinking that you really have all the time in the world to do nothing really or just sit down and stare at your hand and think, 'whoa, i can just chill.'

its annoying and reassuring how you can be experiencing a certain mind set at a particular time, but then once you return to your regular, original one, the 'special' one can seem like it never happened at all.

i cant wait for summer so we can hang out outside in the park and do nothing.
all day.
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puuessss, no pasa naddaaa [31 Jan 2006|09:39pm]
[ mood | fucked up ]

i was drinking some orange juice that had already been sitting on my desk for quite a while, about 30 mins, and listening to this cd i bought over the summer. and the temperature wasnt the same, i wasnt even outside, and the feeling wasnt exactly the same, and the same people werent there, but when i drank that orange juice that just then kinda tasted like fanta naranja and heard this one lyric, i was like

summer was a long time ago
and all those people i met are off in their respective countries doing things and mad hours have passed
i sometimes wonder if ill ever see them again, in a way that suspense kind of adds to the 'ooohh aahhh'-ness of it all.
ill probably never forget those people. ill probably see them again.

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ring a ling ding [23 Jan 2006|12:28am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

my dads ring tone is the "hello moto" one

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[18 Jan 2006|11:08pm]
my pen fell
i cant pick it up

le sigh
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